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Let’s talk about YOUR needs and desires to become a better manager and a Great Leader.

You want to become a better manager, supervisor, team leader. Hopefully, you even want to one day become a great leader.

You are willing to invest in yourself. But you are not sure if The Art of Great Leadership program is right for you.

That’s understandable. And neither of us wants you to make a decision you might later regret.

So let’s talk. Let’s spend 20-30 discussing your specific needs, wants, and desires. I want to hear from you – in your own words – the top 3-4 challenges you are facing. And I want to hear the top 3-4 aspirations and goals you have for your leadership career.

Together, we will review the core contents of The Art of Great Leadership and determine if this is the right leadership development path for you at this time.

Let’s spend 20-30 minutes together – to ensure that you make the right decision.

8 Modules

Tips and Skills for Developing from a Good Manager to a Great Leader

This 8-part video educational program will help you become a better supervisor, manager, or team leader and put you on a journey to becoming a great leader.

Multiple Hats of Leadership

Learn and understand the differences of the three roles you have as a leader – individual contributor, manager, and leader. The importance of having a leadership mindset and a model for leading individuals and teams through change. 

Leading for Results

How to achieve desired outcomes through goal setting, alignment, and delegation. Leaders are responsible for achieving results and outcomes through others, which is why using the Clear Line of Value tool is invaluable.

Leading People Development

Tools to enhance your people development skills, including providing actionable and relevant feedback, the importance of being a coach rather than a boss, and how to use delegation as a method for team member development.

Leadership in Today's Difficult Situations

How to handle the challenging situations you will face as a leader in today’s volatile and uncertain world, including leading former peers, the “retired on the job,” and remotely-located employees and teams. Also, techniques for turning workplace drama and conflict into collaboration.

Communicating as a Leader

The communications skills that great leaders employ, especially listening, questioning, and confirming skills. Introduction to High Impact questions and the common traps of cross-cultural communications.

Leading People

Best practices and skills for motivating team members and increasing employee engagement. How to overcome the challenges of motivating others. You’ll also do a self-assessment of your own motivational profile.

Mindful Decision Making

Tips and techniques for making better decisions, improving cognitive thinking, and creating greater outcomes. You will also learn how stress impacts decision making, plus easy-to-use ways to manage stress before making decisions.

Leading Your Own Personal Development

Tips and techniques to improve and maintain your mental, emotional, and brain health. How to lead your own personal development, plus tips and resources for furthering your leadership development journey.

Books by Steven Howard

Steven Howard is the award-winning author of 21 books on leadership, management, and professional development. Here are three of his most popular titles. 

Better Decisions Better Thinking Better Outcomes by Steven Howard

Better Decision Making

Better Decisions Better Thinking Better Outcomes

Stress and our overloaded brains are two of the key factors creating poor decision making and less-than-optimal thinking by leaders at all levels of organizations.

Great Leadership Words of Wisdom by Steven Howard

Leadership Quotes

Great Leadership Words of Wisdom

Over 1000 quotations on great leadership from global business leaders, statesmen, athletes, coaches, sages, and philosophers.

8 Keys to Great Leadership by Steven Howard

Leadership Skills

8 Keys to Becoming a Great Leader: With Leadership Lessons and Tips from Gibbs, Yoda & Capt’n Jack Sparrow

Three icons from pop culture — Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs from NCIS, Star Wars Jedi Master Yoda, and swashbuckling pirate Capt’n Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean series — demonstrate Steven Howard’s 8 Keys to Great Leadership.

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